Ol el Natural!

frequently asked questions about maintaining natural hair.


Q: To go natural will I have to cut off all of my relaxed hair?

A: To be 100% natural, yes. However, this does not mean you can not start the process while maintaining your length and a healthy hair shaft. With the proper conditioner and regular maintenance, this can be a smooth transition. 90% of my clients are natural and out of that 90, 30% are in “transition” meaning the individual hasn’t had a relaxer in several months, even years and their hair; mid-shaft to ends still is relaxed. Receiving monthly trims and protein treatments will allow your hair to stay strong and healthy as the natural hair grows in and the relax hair is gradually removed. This process usually takes around 2 years, depending on the length of the hair at the time the process began.

Q: How long will my press last?

A: A hard press should hold up for 2 weeks on the average. With proper conditioning, training and wrapping your head nightly will help maintain the moisture and smoothness of the press. Remember: the training start at the bow with the proper conditioning….that’s the key.

Q: How do I maintain my press at home?

A: Moe’s! Maintenance Kit for Oil-Free Press; a oil-free (clean) ceramic paddle brush, wide tooth styling comb, two prong clips (to use to hold longer hair when wrapping), pin curls (use to add body and curl), a very light shine serum (I recommend Elucence Elixer Serious Shine), 2 silk or satin head scarves (make sure you wash them weekly to remove all excess oil), electric pressing comb and a quality ceramic or titanium flat iron (400° or higher).

To maintain your oil-free press you must include the following steps to your nightly routine and that is wrapping your hair. To wrap your hair you must first start by brushing the hair, with your paddle brush around the circumference of our head. Make sure you do not create beehive but keep the hair flat and form it to the shape of your head. If your hair is long, clips the hair in various sections around your head to hold it in place. Cover your hair with a clean scarf making sure to cover your ears which helps to hold the scarf in place during the night. Wrapping your hair allows the hair to take the natural shape of the head giving it a beveled look once combed down. Note: Use only silk or satin scarves to wrap your head, mesh wraps tend to slide off during the night and rub out the hairline.

Before you comb your hair down, use your electric pressing comb to smooth out the edges of your hairline when needed (women you workout or who tend to sweat will have to do this process more often the others). When combing down your wrap using a wide tooth styling comb, remember to pay close attention to the nape of the neck which is usually overlooked.

As you continue your routine of wrapping your hair nightly, following up on your professional salon visit and monthly protein treatments you will begin to notice a change in the texture of your hair as it becomes softer and more manageable. And your nightly routine will become second nature as if your hair is wrapping itself.

Q: How often do I need to have my hair done?

A: I recommend that you visit your salon every two weeks to remove the dirt and debris that will build upon your hair shaft. For the women who are coming out of braids, weaves and wigs I suggest your visit are weekly for the first month to help retrain the hair.

Q: What are some other styling obtains do I have for natural hair.

A: Sets are always in season. By using rings, flexi rods or similar products to set your hair will give you a lot of versatility and create smoother and softer textured hair with lots of body. Also, sets allow naturally curly hair to be smoother and/or looser